A Beautiful Horse

Gift of the Desert

"A Gift for Zeina" is a part of the AWhiteHorse project on Opensea.

Imagine your delight, as a beautiful Arabian horse comes to your call. As her lovely head raises from the grass from among all the mares, you recognize your favorite. She was foaled into your arms and is always the first to greet you at the fence.

She leads the group of older mares to stop near your hand. Her coat shimmers in the sun, as she lowers her head into your hand.

They enjoy some carrots from your pocket, then turn to race off to the far end of the pasture, snorting, and tails flagging. If you know Arabian horses, then you're familiar with this moment. This is the idea that inspired this unique NFT project.

A Gift for Zeina is an original Arabian horse image created by Stacey Mayer for her friend in Cairo, Zeina Hossni, editor of AlwaysEquestrian.com, of Cairo, Egypt.